What a BEAUTY!

When we accepted the referral for our daughter, we had a few photos of her, but they were at least a year old. We requested updated photos and were told that since the orphanage is still 2so large, it could take up to seven weeks. But yesterday on September 16th at 5:00 PM we received VIDEO! AMAZING! Four brief videos, of a shy sweet girl that melted our hearts all over again. She barely smiled, nervously twisted her little dress in her hands, and whispered Mama. She sang a little too, just a hint, then shook her head no and walked off. Here’s a still shot from the video. Isn’t she a heartbreaker?


When not being interviewed, she confidently strode down the sidewalk and up and down the steps with loads of attitude. She’s a camera hog, but on her terms. We love her. still 3








After we watched her on video oh, about a thousand times, we went back to planning her bedroom and getting her album together (the album that will introduce her to us, her home, and her community).

Here’s her principal and her future kindergarten teacher. whitsitt 2We met with them this afternoon and talked briefly about how ESL and Speech Pathology can work together to help her learn English. Her teacher even showed us a children’s book about two creatures learning a new language together and becoming friends. Spoiler: the cow and pig end up bilingual, each able to both  Moo and Oink.

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4 Responses to What a BEAUTY!

  1. Pebbles W. says:

    Precious! I love that she was singing, and can only imagine what that little word “mama” must’ve done to you. So happy for you!


  2. Michele says:

    You guys are amazing! Much love and thanks for sharing this exciting time!


  3. Bonnie Malone says:

    Joy and Blessings on you both, for being given such a wonderful gift.


  4. Joey says:

    So very happy for you both! Well, actually for all three of you!!!


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