Hearts All Over the Place

Today, the Monday after a quiet but lovely Thanksgiving holiday and 101 days into our wait for the elusive LOA, we got a new picture of our little girl. It came in the third email of the day from our adoption agency, the first two being newsletters. When I looked at my phone, because of the earlier emails, I wasn’t expecting what I saw: our sweet girl! All bundled up, wearing her little purple Pleasant Goat pants, looking as though she’d been caught off guard (just like her Mama in every pic ever taken of me).

Wu Guan Xin-November 2013

We imagine it went a little something like this:

“Guan Xin, stop playing and come over here to get your picture taken.”

Guan Xin: “Wait, wha..”


Looking at the picture of our sweet daughter, our hearts were melting and we were crazy elated—a big mess of emotions, really. It’s hard to describe—this feeling of wanting to run and scoop her up with every fiber of our being, all the while reminding ourselves to be patient during this wait. A happy ache? Yep. The happiest.

We also have a little more info about her likes and dislikes. Her favorite color is yellow. And she’s a foodie—her favorite foods are mushrooms with pork and sweet and sour spare ribs. She likes to play hide-and-seek, to read, and to draw. She likes to color too, but “she always colors outside of pictures”. That’s our girl!

That’s all for now, hopefully we’ll be updating again soon with news of our LOA. 🙂

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1 Response to Hearts All Over the Place

  1. hairbyrobert says:

    My dear cousins,

    A beautiful post. My heart dissolved further…




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