Wo men kuai dao la.

Wo men kuai dao la.

We’ll be there soon.

WOW! So much has happened since I last blogged! Things have started to move quickly—VERY quickly—and our sweet Maya Guanxin seems less like a far away dream and more like our bonafide daughter now. I think it happened somewhere between unloading her desk from the truck and organizing her perfect, unused crayons. Or while cutting the tags off of her doll’s clothes. Or when buying cable and clips for her future brilliant works of art to hang from. Staring at that adorable hot pink chair from Ikea, arranging her room a million times in our heads, realizing her room really isn’t our office any more, sitting in there in the quiet late at night wondering if she’ll be scared…and then  googling night lights at 3 a.m. You get the picture.

And it helps that we’ve hit a few more milestones in the ‘ol adoption timeline, too. The heavy paperwork is pretty much over, and none too soon. On a recent trip to the grocery store, after a particularly grueling document-completing session, Lex suggested that instead of going home we just keep driving to Texas and grab a couple of margaritas. But we survived, and did indeed get provisional approval on her immigration paperwork, then quickly after that (quicker than expected!) came the coveted letter from the National Visa Center. The striking thing about these documents is how they tell our life changing story (all three of us) in their mundane terminology. For example, “provisional approval to classify orphan as immediate relative” and “immigrant visa and alien registration”. Sweet stabs to the heart. But we are all three being propelled forward, toward each other, and it’s crazy exciting. After a little over a year, there are literally two more of these milestones to reach then we’re off to get our sweet girl: we wait for the Article 5 to be issued by the US Consulate in Guangzhou (the next step toward her visa), then we wait for the CCCWA to issue our travel approval. After that her consulate appointment in Guangzhou will be set, then we’ll work with our agency and the adoption travel folks to book our travel. If all goes swimmingly we could be a solid family of three by late March.

Our last letter to our sweet daughter before we go scoop her up will be to tell her how our first two weeks together in China will go. We’ll be explaining what a hotel is, a taxi, an airplane, and outlining the scary but awesome two weeks of transition from orphan to forever family. We’ll get one more chance to send her a care package, too. (Basically the most pondered care package in the history of the universe.)

FYI, here’s Wuhan, where we’ll meet our daughter and become a family:


And here’s Guangzhou, where we’ll make it official:


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5 Responses to Wo men kuai dao la.

  1. Mike Hodge says:

    Totally amazing! And really really wonderful!


  2. So happy for you all… please keep us posted on this awesome adventure and family makes 3


  3. Sara Bramble Lingerman says:

    Although I haven’t seen Lex since high school, but we are FB friends, and this popped up in my news feed. Congrats on your daughter. From what I read in your blog post she is gaining an incredible set of parents and is going to be a very lucky little girl. Not too many people consider the little things. Your night light story prompted my response actually and touched my heart. Best of luck to you and Lex, your going to be a fabulous mom! Sara B. Lingerman


  4. hairbyrobert says:

    A great post!

    Cousin Bobby


  5. Wow……….love is a wonderful thing…….I have a huge smile on my face, along with much admiration in my heart for you all……may the gifts you each receive from this act of love, come back to this world tenfold……….sweetest of blessings always……..Cousin Deb


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