a tiny, but mighty, update

While there’s not a LOT of news to share today, we have received our travel visas! No news yet on when we’ll get our sweet one, but this is one more step toward her.

Tomorrow the care package and another letter that we wrote to our daughter will be shipped to China from our adoption agency. Have we mentioned lately how awesome Holt International is? The fact that they translate our letters for us just adds to their overall fabulousness.

For her care package, we decided to focus on drawing since we’re told that’s her favorite subject in school. While we have to be careful with weight and size, we were able to send a drawing pad, coloring book, colored pencils and crayons, stickers, and some bling: a purple metal flake pencil bag (nothing’s ever compared to my purple metal-flake Schwinn from 3rd grade, but this came close), and some barrettes since her hair is growing longer. It all fit into a brightly colored iPad case (score!). As I was zipping it up I couldn’t resist one last addition. He doesn’t weigh much:


For this last letter before we travel, we explained what will happen on pretty much each day of our two weeks together in China–how we’ll get there, where and how we’ll meet, where we’ll stay, how we’ll all fly together as a family to Guangzhou, and how we’ll all fly back home together. We included pictures of an airplane, taxi, hotel room, and more pics of our house and of us. Can you imagine being a little girl watching planes flying all over the sky, then being told you’re about to fly halfway around the world on one with strangers who say they’re your parents?  Crazy stuff. But we hope our letter was at least a little reassuring, and we told her over and over in the letter how much we love her and how we will be with her the entire time.

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6 Responses to a tiny, but mighty, update

  1. Roscoe says:

    We can’t wait for our new playmate!!!


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