Article 5!

HUGE NEWS!!!! Our sweet girl’s Article 5 has been issued! In normal language, that means little Maya Guanxin’s visa application and some other documents have been reviewed by the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, and they have issued the document (Article 5) that tells the CCCWA that the “U.S.Consulate has determined that the prospective adoptive parents are eligible and suited to adopt, that the child may enter and reside permanently in the U.S., and that the U.S. Central Authority agrees that the adoption may proceed”.
 fireworks china

The Chinese New Year is beginning as I type this tonight (it’s already tomorrow there). Although we had told ourselves that we had accepted the fact that the Article 5 would likely be delayed due to government offices closing for the New Year, we really hadn’t accepted that at all…we secretly held onto hope and it worked! Last night, around 9 p.m., the email from the U.S. Consulate appeared, right out of the blue. Let’s hear it for folks who like to clear their desks before a holiday! Me being me, I held this news close until I heard more from our adoption agency, and they’re on Pacific time.

This morning my coworkers threw a beautiful shower for me and two expectant mamas, and during the shower an email came from our adoption agency confirming receipt of the Article 5. As I opened sweet packages of construction paper, and amazing learning games, and crayons and sidewalk chalk and Hello Kitty adorableness, even a hand-knit shawl that is perfectly Maya sized—I couldn’t get my face to stay properly fixed between a stupid grin and a happy cry.


After the shower, back in my office, I got a call from our agency, giving us a tentative timeline for travel and asking if that was okay. YES!!!!!!! I know, I know—it’s the question of the century but we still don’t have travel dates. Patience, grasshopper. But the takeaway is this: the Article 5 was the last document we were waiting for. The. Last. The next news we’ll get will be the travel approval issued by the CCCWA, then we’ll be able to book our trip for about three weeks after that. There will be more paperwork, and appointments, and meetings, and doctors, and a final visit to the U.S. Consulate for her visa, but those will occur as a family with our daughter in our laps. And you know what? We’re perfectly happy with this timeline. We’re happy that our daughter gets this last New Year celebration in before we arrive. It’s a HUGE holiday in China—everything shuts down for a week and people travel to see relatives, and celebrate with music and dance and food and fireworks and each other. It’s a big culture to leave behind so this will hopefully leave a strong and happy imprint. On our end, we’ll just continue to perfect this space for her beautiful little self to fill.
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3 Responses to Article 5!

  1. hairbyrobert says:

    A very happy congratulations.



  2. Mike Hodge says:

    Outstanding! A great start to this New Year — for you two and for her.


  3. Michele Webber says:

    What a wonderful mother you already are! Congrats and the happiest of new year’s to you and you family!
    With love and admiration,


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