The Best Valentine EVER.

“I have learned not to worry about love; But to honor its coming with all my heart.” -Alice Walker

And just like that, with no fanfare and much, much earlier than expected: TRAVEL APPROVAL. That’s it folks, we’re going to China! We are over the moon. Beside ourselves. Smitten. Giddy. And…like a couple of deer in headlights. When do we go? Well, we don’t know for sure but will know within a day or so. It’ll be at least a month. Would I post it here even if we knew? Nope. 😉

But we will go. And we will finally meet our little cupcake. The girl we pine for and plan for and stay up til the wee hours of the morning worrying about. The girl whose room we have rearranged a thousand times over. The girl whose pajamas have been lovingly washed and folded and then…stared at, unfolded, and folded again. Our girl who, we just learned yesterday, prefers toy cars and airplanes to dolls, prefers dresses to pants, and prefers playing outdoors to indoors. A tomboy! Oh, my heart. We were in love already, now we are just putty in her perfect little hands.

This lovely gift made for her by a dear, dear friend is perfect: purple (her favorite color), nature, and strength.

wall hanging MGXP

We also learned that she’s not so sure about the name “Price” (fair enough), and that she reads the photo book we made for her and the letter we wrote to her often. She understands that she is being adopted and what that means. And she’ll be with her foster family (the family she knows as her own) right up until we get there to scoop her up. Heavy, heavy stuff.

So tonight, whether you’re the praying kind or the vibing kind, send either her way. This is a great thing–a forever family–there’s no debate. We will try every second to be the best parents we can be, and to give her every opportunity to explore and learn and grow and love while being safe and warm with us always, but she is still going through a huge life change for such a tiny person and although she’s gaining a family, she’s losing one too. And send those good strong vibes our way too, so that we can be every thing she needs.

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3 Responses to The Best Valentine EVER.

  1. Your words define you and your words will make her world!
    I’m so very happy for the three of you…..praying her little soul has an easy transition ❤


  2. Leann Barron says:

    we are praying. it is, indeed, a heavy load for a little child to bear. what she is about to discover, however, is a new world with a mommy and daddy filled with love, and kindness, and patience, and joy and laughter (always laughter). as she grows, she will come to realize this was her journey, and hers alone, to make. soooooo happy for you. I can’t imagine how much patience you have to muster–and I share your excitement, and can’t wait to meet her and hear all about every moment!


  3. Ashley Zehr says:

    So very exciting for you all. My prayers are with your hearts, her heart and the hearts of her foster family.


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