the home stretch

Well folks, we’re getting closer and closer to the time when we can meet our little booboo and become three Prices instead of two, and it’s crazy exciting. Since my last blog we’ve received two new pictures of our precious daughter. One was with her little foster sister, and our girl had a fierce look of love and protection on her face, with one arm holding onto her little sister protectively. There were so many emotions that came with those photos. Someone commented that our daughter was a lover, and it’s so evident in that photo. The heartbreak we feel at separating her from her foster sister, and at the pain she’ll feel upon that separation, is with us every minute. If you’re inclined to send good thoughts, vibes, or prayers our way please include our daughter and her foster family. 
But we’re also excited every minute, since we’re getting closer and closer to the day when we can scoop her up, wrap her in love, start putting our little family together, and get on with the rest of our lives. And in this picture, it looks like our little MGXP is excited too!
MGXP 3-10-14
We’re going to have a fabulous summer. Having just made the painful switch from brown rice to white, we feel we are beginning to understand the meaning of parental sacrifice (joking!). 
I want to give a huge shout-out to our friends. So many people giving so much of their resources and time and love. From our beautiful shower, to the chalkboard frame, to the sweet gifts from little girls waiting to show Maya GuanXin the ropes.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
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3 Responses to the home stretch

  1. hairbyrobert says:

    So very sweet. Wishing a safe and peaceful transition for all of you.

    Cousin Bobby


  2. Jari says:

    Lucky Family, both you and precious girl. Praying. Great entries, Hope you continue to blog.


  3. Jari says:

    Following your blog for a bit, waiting for an update, hope things go well, precious little girl is obviously getting a wonderful family! can’t wait to see the pics.


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