We have a match!

Wow! We have a daughter! We assumed this would happen early next year, but only 13 days after our dossier was shipped to China, we got THE CALL. I was at work, it was 2:11 PM on Friday August 23rd, and just like that we were parents. Julie Bolles, our caseworker through Catholic Charities here in Nashville called to let me know, and then she sent the files. I called Lex and told him to stand by, and then in came photos of the most adorable little 5 year old girl we’d ever seen.

We had a few days to get her medical information to a doctor for review, and since we had already had a consultation with Dr. Alice Rothman at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital’s International Adoption Clinic, we sent the files to her right away. We were told she’d call us between 1 and 5 the following day. By the time Dr. Rothman called, we were a nervous wreck. She explained what the various lab results meant, looked over developmental milestones, as well as reports from a past surgery that had been performed and then explained things we’d need to address when we got her home. We sent the Letter of Intent to Holt International on August 28th, it was logged into the CCCWA database (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption) on August 29th, and today we got an email with the subject line “Congratulations Price Family”, and this first sentence: “Congratulations on your match!”

There’s a lot of paperwork to do now, but the first thing we get to do is put together a photo album to send to our little girl, so she can learn that we’re all finally a family. And in six to nine months we’ll fly to China and scoop her up!

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The Beginning

Surprise! We’re adopting a little girl! We don’t know her yet, but we do know that she’s a very long flight away in China, and that we can’t WAIT to meet her and start our family. As we go through the process and get closer to bringing her home, we’ll use this blog to keep friends and family updated.

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It’s hard to believe, but our dossier is complete.

dossier dayIt’s hard to believe, but after months of collecting information, offering information, begging for information, and paying for information, the day is finally here. Our documents have been County, State, Department of State and Chinese Embassy authenticated and it’s time to piece it all together, along with pictures of us and our home.

fed ex

It took an entire Friday afternoon and Saturday to get everything perfectly in order and copied, and we made it to Fed Ex and got all 3 lbs. of paperwork shipped to our adoption agency in Oregon with exactly 1 minute to spare. If you’ve adopted before, then you know the deep, deep relationship we now have with Fed Ex. The folks at the office as well as on our route have been so sweet, and excited to be a part of the process.

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